Investigative partners

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Private investigators

We're committed to protecting our customers from fraudulent acts and reducing claims costs to help keep insurance rates as low as possible. We maintain a list of approved Private Investigators (PIs) who meet our business and qualification standards and provide us with quality investigative services. Our current list of approved PIs was last updated in August 2021​ through a competitive bid process. ​

​​​Resource number

​All pre-qualified PIs must have an ICBC resource number. PIs can work for more than one pre-qualified firm but must be listed as employees for each. Resource numbers are only transferrable between firms if approved in advance by ICBC. All changes to investigative staff must be reported to ICBC.

Note: PI firms are permitted to subcontract assignments as long as the subcontractor is also pre-approved by ICBC and holds all appropriate licensing requirements. Additionally, the claims handler must approve the arrangement and no conflict of interest may be present.​

Accepting an assignment

If you have been selected for an assignment, you will be emailed a copy of the PI Assignment/Assessment form (CL465). Please review it and respond to the adjuster, as well as [email protected]. Please note, if no response is received within 24 hours, ICBC may contact another PI or PI firm.

If you accept an assignment, you may start it as outlined in the CL465. All assignments must be completed in accordance with the Performance Standards. Once completed, please submit a detailed report to the claims/recovery specialist handling the assignment.​

Submitting claim reports and invoices to ICBC

Reports and invoices must be submitted to [email protected]. They will be connected to the claim within 24 hours of when they are received. For invoicing, please use the Itemized Statement of Account (CL268).

When submitting reports, supporting documents, and invoices, please note:

  • Reports and invoices should only be submitted once to [email protected]. Please do not CC the claims/recovery specialist. (Note: enquiries should be sent to the claims/recovery specialist, not [email protected].​)

  • The subject line should include the ICBC claim number and the claimant's first and last name. Each email should only pertain to one claim.​

  • Files must not be password protected. Drop box links and zip files are not accepted.

  • There is a 25MB restriction on emailed reports. Resize photos whenever possible to accommodate this restriction. Please do not send photos as separate attachments.

Surveillance video submissions

When submitting surveillance video, please complete the Multimedia Memo (CL486) and submit it along with the multimedia device. These devices can be submitted to a local claim centre and the multimedia device will be directed to the handling claims/recovery specialist​​ for review.​


Pre-qualified PI firms must complete the New/Change Vendor Application Professional form (CL174D)​ ​​and email it to [email protected] in the case of any change to the firm, such as when an approved investigator leaves the firm's employment, an office closes, or WorkSafeBC coverage is cancelled. ​

For any questions regarding changes or your firm's status or registered contact information, please email [email protected].​