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Invoicing and reporting


Temporary submission limitation

ICBC is aware that the HCPP/HCPIR may automatically reject reports and clinical records when submitted outside of the approved end date and is actively working to resolve this submission limitation. In the meantime, if this occurs, please submit the documents via the manual document submission process.

ICBC is making the way you invoice for treatment and submit reports and requests simpler and more straightforward.

Your invoicing and reporting options

The preferred method to directly submit invoices, related expenses and documentation is through the Health C​are Provider Portal.​

If your invoice includes treatment outside of the approved end date or beyond the number of treatments approved, you will not be able to submit the invoice without a new treatment plan.

Health Care Provider ​​Portal

To log in, you'll need a vendor number and PIN.

The Health Care Provider Portal will help you submit invoices quicker, and you'll have the ability to:

  • ​Auto-populate customer information (e.g., customer name, PHN)

  • View the status of invoice submissions

  • View the status of your payments from ICBC

If you do not have a PIN and would like one, please contact the HCIU to have a PIN provisioned to you.

HCPIR Application​

Vendors with a vendor number may still choose to submit documentation through the HCPIR application. However, this option does not include the same features as the Health Care Provider Portal. 

Entering your patient's PHN is optional; however, doing so will improve the timeliness of your payment by matching the submission to the correct patient in ICBC's claim system. ​​​

To improve payment timelines, ensure you are entering the patient's legal first name, legal last name and date of birth as displayed on their B.C. driver's licenc​e or BC Services Card. 

​​​​​​Launch the HCPIR Application​​

Need help?

Have a question or need to troubleshoot using the Portal? Get help with the Portal​.​


If you've received a request for reports or clinical records from ICBC, you can upload and submit your records using the Health Care Provider Portal or HCPIR application.​

Note: It is important to discuss with your patient the purpose of the reports and request their consent to share the report with ICBC. For more information, review our patient consent considerations for physicians ​or health care providers.

An initial assessment report details the assessment of the patient's injuries ​and the recommended course of treatment. ICBC has combined the fee for assessment visits and reports for convenience.​

If a report is needed by ICBC to make a benefit approval decision,​​ an ICBC claim representative will contact you to request a Progress Report.

*only required for customers whose crash occurred prior to May 1, 2021

A progress report is only completed upon request by ICBC. It is intended to establish whether a patient's rehabilitation and recovery is on track with their recommended course of treatment, and to identify when a patient is not recovering as expected or additional barriers to recovery have been identified.

*The OT Program Guide applies. Refer to section 7.5.1 for details.

Manual billing and document submission

​Reports can be submitted to:

Invoices can be submitted to [email protected]. Please review the invoice submission guidelines below before submission. If your invoice format does not adhere to the guidelines, complete our health service provider invoice instead.​

Invoice submission guidelines

  • When submitting invoices via our DCF email addresses, please ensure you are correctly labeling the pdf files as per the below tips (example: AA99999.9 — John Smith).

  • Only invoices are to be submitted to [email protected]. Do not send reconciliation lists or reports. 

  • Individual invoices must be separate PDFs, with up to 20 invoices attached per email. One PDF document containing multiple invoices is not acceptable. 

  • Do not send compressed files (zip folders). 

  • Include the claim number/customer name in the file name of each invoice attachment. 

  • Files must not be password protected. 

  • Emailed drop box links and zip files are not acceptable. 

  • Invoices must have the claim number listed on them, or they may not be processed.