Material damage

Base Suppliers

ICBC Estimating Services are here to help and support the work you do to take care of our mutual customers. We manage all estimating for ICBC-related claims involving RV, Mechanical and Motorcycle repairs.

Our Estimating staff work with you to help customers get back on the road as quickly as possible. We also work with industry while monitoring material damage repairs and costs.

Base Supplier & Requirements

ICBC's supplier system is a payment system that allows vendors to direct bill and provides convenience for customers, the supplier and the corporation.


Program Change Alert

Please see the Change Alert section of the Material Damage Claims Procedures site for program updates.

RV, Mechanical & Motorcycle Supplier Material Damage procedures

All ICBC suppliers agree to comply with the requirements outlined in the ICBC Claims Procedures for Material Damage (MD) partners, and applicable procedures and instructions published on the ICBC Business Partners Page. Suppliers must familiarize themselves with all applicable procedures in which are relevant to their business type, and at times specific to a certain supplier group.

RV, Mechanical & Motorcycle Supplier Invoice Standards

Suppliers must adhere to and follow all the following procedures in which outline invoice requirements, billing restrictions and payment processes that must be followed to ensure prompt and accurate payments according to ICBC standards.


Current RV suppliers should reach out to the centralized team estimator who is handling the claim file, or email [email protected]



The accurate completion of the repair estimate and the provision of safe, proper repairs are the foundation of the supplier number system. The onus is on the supplier to ensure that the invoice submitted is an accurate account of the work completed. If ICBC cannot trust the accuracy of the invoices submitted or the quality of the work performed, ICBC will not allow the supplier to continue to be part of the direct billing system.

ICBC reserves the right to immediately withdraw a supplier account number if the supplier fails to meet or maintain the minimum supplier requirements