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Apply to the program

Being a member of the ICBC Glass Repair Network allows facilities to provide our mutual customers with a streamlined approach when processing ICBC claims and ensures they receive cost-effective automotive glass repair/replacement work that meets the highest industry standards for safety and quality. Participation within the repair network (the "Program") is voluntary for facilities that meet and maintain program requirements and provides a direct billing relationship with ICBC, performance based promotion within ICBC's repair facility locator and coaching with ICBC's Account Management team.

The MD Claims Procedures, the Glass Repair Program Guide, Glass Repair Program Agreement and information on the ICBC MD Business Partners site detail all eligibility requirements, direct payment conditions, participant responsibilities and the conditions for continued participation in the ICBC Glass Repair Program. All participants in the Program agree to comply with program standards and requirements set out in each of the above-noted documents.

Application process

Please review the Claims Procedures, Glass Repair Program Guide​, Technology Requirements and the Equipment and Training Requirements. Glass repair facilities must demonstrate compliance with the procedures and requirements prior to acceptance to the program.

To apply:

  1. Review the profile checklist. This checklist provides you with a list of information you'll be asked to answer to create your company profile in the Entegral application.

  2. Open and save a copy of the Repair Program Application Request form.

  3. Complete the form with your facility name, doing business as (DBA) name (if applicable), address and contact details in order to generate your enrollment profile.

  4. Submit the completed form, and copies of each owner/manager(s) resume, with Drivers Licence numbers to Supplier Programs & Administration by email [email protected] or fax 604-777-4624. After the request form has been received, a user name and password will be created for your Entegral profile. You will then receive a notice from Entegral providing you with log-in credentials​.

  5. Log-in to Entegral using your provided credentials.

  6. Fill in your information, answer all questions and zip photos to upload. The Entegral profile job aid outlines the correct way to enter information such as your name and address and provides ICBC-specific information related to your application not covered by Entegral support.

Once complete the electronic signature box displays allowing you to submit your application to Supplier Programs and Administration for review.

If you have any questions, please contact Supplier Programs & Administration at 604-777-4513, toll-free 1-877-921-3311 or by email at [email protected].


This application contains the details of employees who have their information being stored in Entegral, which stores and accesses its data outside of Canada in the United States.​

All employees who work on ICBC claims must be notified their qualification information will be shared with ICBC. Participants are accountable for protecting the privacy of their customers’ personal information and adhering to FIPPA. ​