Health services

Comprehensive Medical Assessment providers

The Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) Program​ supports customers who face barriers to their recovery. 

About the CMA Program

The CMA Program provides an objective assessment from medical experts that informs ICBC decision-making on funding of treatment and benefits. This means customers are supported with the benefits they need to recover.  

The CMA Program provides evidence-based assessments, customer-centred services and function-based outcomes. It includes three services:  ​

  1. Core assessment: Physician-led assessment supported by a functional assessment by an allied health provider.

  2. Mental health assessment: Mental health assessment, as required.

  3. Specialist assessment: Physician-led specialty assessment (e.g., neurology), as required.  

Becoming a provider

ICBC establishes contracts with CMA providers through a formal procurement process every few years. To become a provider, you need to apply when the bidding process begins.

ICBC posts notifications on Bid Opportunities when contracts are up for bidding. All the information you need, including how to submit your bid, will be available in the posted documents.​

Need more information?

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to work with ICBC as a CMA provider. If you have questions, please contact your assigned CMA Program Manager for help.​