Health services


Do you provide kinesiology treatments to ICBC customers injured in a car crash? Here are a few things you should know.​

In order for ICBC to consider treatment funding, you must meet the definition of a "kinesiologist" as per the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation.​

Invoicing and reporting​

Kinesiologists approved to treat ICBC customers may use the Health Care Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR) application or Health Care Provider Portal (HCPP) to submit​ invoices and reports directly to ICBC.​

Report templates

Treatment guidelines

Kinesiologists are expected to assess patients and determine their treatment plans in accordance with the guidelines and practice standards of their association.

Note: Oversight is the responsibility of a practitioner to ensure treatment plans are in alignment with the treatment goals of the primary care provider(s). This may involve sharing of the assessment findings and treatment recommendations with the primary care provider, in accordance with the association's information sharing guidelines.​