Driver training

​​​​​​​​​​​​Renewing a driver assessment officer qualification

A driver assessment officer certificate of qualification is valid for two years.

During the renewal period, an assessment officer needs to be evaluated by an ICBC driving school inspector.

Purpose of the evaluation

As an ICBC-approved assessment officer, it is important that you continue to maintain your skills and use the most current assessme​​nt standards.

This is similar to what's expected of our ICBC driver examiners, who need to maintain their knowledge of current examination standards through refresher training and renew their AAMVA certification.

How to renew

Approximately six months before your certificate of qualification expires, a driving school inspector will contact you to arrange for an evaluation for each designation you hold. This means that if you have both a Class 1 and air brake designation, you'll need to complete two evaluations.

After you successfully complete your evaluation, we'll send you your new certificate of qualification.