Driver training

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Teach Class 1 mandatory​ entry-level training​ (MELT)

​​MELT for Class 1 driver licence applicants is a prerequisite effective October 18, 2021.​ If you're interested in becoming an authorized driver training school, review the requirements below. Your instructors need MELT​ training to become authorized to deliver MELT.

Getting started

​​Here are the driver training schools requirements to teach B.C.s Class 1 mandatory entry-level (MELT) training course.

How to get started

Review the MELT Transition Plan

MELT requirements​

To become an authorized driver training school ready to deliver B.C.s Class 1 MELT course, refer to these requirements:

​​Review MELT requirements

​Register instructors in MELT training courses

Class 1 driver training instructors and air brake instructors will deliver B.C.'s Class 1 MELT course.

It's important that a consistent and high standard of training is maintained for B.C.'s Class 1 MELT courses, regardless of​ who is delivering the training.

Existing Class 1 instructors will be given the opportunity to re-certify to the new Class 1 MELT standar​​d for their Class 1 practical and theory instructor licence designations at no charge during the transition phase to the new B.C. Class 1 MELT framework.​

Become authorized to deliver the B.C. Class 1 MELT course

  • Review the B.C. Class 1 MELT course application and approval requirements checklist.

  • Contact ICBC Driver Training Industry Support to request an application package and your personalized MELT agreement between your school and ICBC.

  • Complete all forms included in the application package on behalf of your school, including a course outline.  The course outline detai​​​​​​​​ls how your school will deliver the Class 1 MELT course to ensure all of the required curriculum is covered. You may use your own outline template if it provides all of the necessary information, or the ICBC template​ provided.

  • Mail all documents back to ICBC.

Once authorized, your school will be listed here.

Training materials provided to schools to develop MELT courses

Training and course resource materials for the Class 1 MELT courses will be available to schools and instructors in April 2021, prior to the MELT program start date of October 18, 2021.

Class 1 MELT instructors will be provided the following materials and trained to use them as part of their MELT orientation:

  • Curriculum Framework​ — Class 1 MELT course standards and learning outcomes

  • Student Guide​ —​ Class 1 course content and additional information for student reference

  • Classroom Lesson Plans — ​​​​​guide for teaching, including tips and activities

  • Practical Lesson Plans​ — guide​ fo​r teaching, including tips and checklists

  • Practical Assessment Forms — assessments for practical activities

  • Theoretical Assessment Forms — assessments for classroom and theoretical activities

  • Presentation slides, other co​urse forms and handouts.​

​Air brake driver training instructors can teach the air brake theory portion of the Class 1 mandatory entry-level training course.

Air brake instructor requirements

To teach the air brake theory module of the B.C. Class 1 MELT course, air brake instructors must have an air brake certificate of qualification and have completed the Approved Instructor Theory (AIT) course.

Air brake instructors are not required to hold a Class 1 instructor licence, but they are limited to only providing instruction for the MELT air brake theory module.

AIT course information

  • Required for air brake instructors teaching MELT air brake theory.

  • Sessions delivered virtually on Zoom; hours to be determined.

  • Not required for instructors with current GLT designation*.​

*AIT is the equivalent of the current GLT course, renamed to recognize other theoretical training programs. The existing GLT designation is accepted in lieu of the AIT.​​

For schools

Interested in offering MELT?​

For instructors

For air brake schools

Interested in teaching MELT air brake theory?​

​Resources for schools

MELT course materials

​​MELT application package

MELT ​​practical assessments

MELT practical materials

MELT classroom materials

MELT presentation slides

​MELT student course record forms

Other resources