Driver training

Applying for a driver training school licence

To operate a driving school in B.C., you will need a driver training school licence issued by ICBC. Follow these steps to become a driving school:

1. Complete the driver training school application form 

Download the application form​ or contact us​ if you need a paper copy mailed to you. 

2. Register your company

​​To operate in B.C., you need to register your school with the Registrar of Companies. You can register your company as a sole-proprietorship, limited corporation or partnership.

Need help registering your company? Visit these websites:

3. Get a business licence

​​Your driving school may need a business licence to operate in certain locations. Contact your local City Hall or municipal office to find out if you need one.​​

4. Set up a security bond 

As a driving school, you need to be bonded. A bond helps protect you and your students in case of a contractual disagreement. 

ICBC reviews student claims and may use the bond to refund a student if you and your student are unable to resolve the issue.

Types of security bonds

An insurance bond (most common type) must be issued in the registered name of the school by an insurance company.

You'll need to provide the original signed copy stamped with the insurance company's seal. A photocopy is not accepted.

Other types of bonds include:

  • Cash bond (by certified cheque)

  • GIC, term deposit or letter of credit from your financial institution issued in the school’s registered name. It must be the original signed copy stamped by the financial institution. A photocopy is not accepted.

The amount of your bond is based on the number of instructors and types of training conducted. Use our security bond calculator below to find out how much bonding you will need.

Security bond calculator

Once you have completed the instructor list in your application, use this tool to calculate the security bond amount.

5. Ensure your vehicles meet driver training vehicle requirements

If you are providing on-road (practical) instruction, your training vehicles must meet these requirements:

Vehicle type


Class 5 (passenger vehicle)

Dual brake pedals

Dual clutch pedals (for manual transmission)

Rear view mirror on passenger side of vehicle

Student driver sign visibly displayed

Inspection by an inspection facility and meet safety standards

Class 6 (motorcycle)

Student must wear a reflective vest

Class 4

Student driver sign visibly displayed

Inspection by an inspection facility and meet safety standards

Class 1, 2 or 3 (including towed vehicles)

Student driver sign visibly displayed

Inspection by an inspection facility and meet safety standards


A vehicle is exempt from the above requirements if one of the following applies:

  • The vehicle is used for retraining licensed drivers.

  • It is a private vehicle (with modified controls) used for training people with disabilities who wish to obtain a Class 5 or 7 driver's licence. You must still display both a student driver sign and an "L" sign.

Licence classes and types

6. Read the Road Test Booking Service rules

Driver training schools must read and abide by the Road Test Booking Terms for Schools when booking road tests by phone or when using the online booking service.

Schools must have a completed Student Consent and Release (DTC205) form on record for each student that they book road tests for.​

7. Submit your application

Mail us the following to complete your application:

  1. Completed Driver Training School Application

  2. Proof of company registration

  3. Proof of vehicle inspection report (CVSE0014)

  4. Original driver training school bond

  5. Payment for licence fees ($100 licence fee, plus $15 for each additional licence). You may complete the credit card payment form provided with the application or send a cheque made payable to ICBC. Do not mail cash.

Mail to:

ICBC Driver Training Industry Support
PO Box 3750
Victoria BC V8W 3Y5​

​Please allow four to six weeks for your application to be processed. Once it has been processed, we’ll send you your driver training school licence and you can start operating your driving school.

An ICBC driving school inspector​ will also contact you to arrange a visit to your school. The inspector will help you get started and give you an opportunity to ask questions about training, record keeping, compliance of driver training regulations and the various resources available to you.​