Driver training

Renewing your driver training instructor's licence

Your instructor licence is valid for two years and must be renewed.

Renewal requirements

The basic requirements to renew an instructor's licence are:

  • Acceptable driving record, and

  • Criminal record search completed no more than one year prior to your application date by police or RCMP detachment.

If you have any debts owing to ICBC, these may need to be paid before an instructor's licence is issued.

How to renew



We'll mail your renewal package six months before your licence expires.

If your licence expires in fewer than six months and you haven't received a package, contact us.

Submit the following:

  • Your completed renewal forms

  • $30 licence fee — and $15 for each additional licence (cheque payable to ICBC).

The form(s) and fee(s) should be mailed to

ICBC Driver Training Industry Support
PO Box 3750
Victoria BC V8W 3Y5

After processing your application, we'll send you a new driver training instructor's licence.

What if I don't renew my instructor licence before the expiry date?

You must not teach any driver training beyond the expiry date. Delivering driver training without a valid driver training instructor licence is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations and is subject to a fine of up to $2,000. ​​