Driver training

Upgrade your driver training instructor's licence

If you hold an instructor’s licence, you can add additional designations for different types of vehicle training.

Types of training designations





Class 5

Permits instructor to conduct passenger vehicle training.

A valid Class 5 driver's licence (must have held for at least 3 years)

Class 4 medical standards

One-on-one training (85-hours) or group training (100-105 hours)


Permits conduct of an ICBC (GLP) – approved driver education course. Also allows the conduct of theory training.

A valid Class 5/7 or 6/8 instructor licence

5 day or 2 weekend GLP instructor course

Class 6

Permits instructor to conduct motorcycle training.

A valid Class 6 driver’s licence (must have held for at least 3 years)

Class 4 medical standards

80 hours

Class 1

Permits instructor to conduct commercial vehicle (Class 1-4) training.

A valid Class 1 driver’s licence (must have held for at least 3 years)

Must have held a driver’s licence for at least 5 years

Class 1 medical standards

40 hours — after successfully completing or enrolled in a Class 5 training course

Air brake

Permits instructor to conduct air brake training.

2 years air brake experience

35 hours

Have you recently completed a medical evaluation?

If you have completed a medical within the past year for your Class 1 driver's licence, ask your doctor to send us a copy and we'll review it. It may not be necessary for you to have another medical evaluation.

Steps to add a designation

1. Contact us to ensure that you qualify for the designation.

2. Complete the required training.

If you qualify for:

3. After completing your training, submit the following:

The application, certificate and fee should be mailed to:

ICBC Driver Training Industry Support
PO Box 3750
Victoria BC V8W 3Y5