Driver training

Get a duplicate instructor's licence

Here’s how to replace or get additional copies of your instructor’s licence.

If you teach at more than one school you’ll need a duplicate licence — it’s required that you display your licence at each school where you’re employed.

When to apply for a duplicate licence

You can apply for a duplicate licence if your licence is lost, stolen or damaged or you have been hired to teach at more than one school.

If you've lost your licence but you're within six months of renewing, you can renew instead and save yourself the replacement fee.

Apply for your duplicate licence

To get a duplicate instructor's licence, send the following:

The application and fee(s) should be mailed to:

ICBC Driver Training Industry Support
PO Box 3750
Victoria B.C. V8W 3Y5

After processing your application, we’ll send you your duplicate licence(s).​​